Neck & Back Heat Massager

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Provide relief for your body by wrapping yourself in the Neck & Back Heat Massager. The built-in heat feature provides therapy for target areas while the eight massaging heads relieve tension. You can also adjust the pressure intensity to find the one that's most suitable for a specific body part.

-Not Just for Neck & Back. Aside from using the massager on your neck and back areas, you can also use it on other areas like waist, abs, and feet.

-Heat Therapy Feature. As the massager is providing you with its tension-relieving function, it can also release heat therapy deep into muscle tissue for maximum comfort.

-Easy-To-Use Controls. Easily adjust the massager's various settings such as speed and direction while you're using it with a press of a button.

-8 Massaging Heads. The Neck & Back Heat Massager operates with eight individual massaging heads, providing you with maximum comfort and muscle recovery.