Dual Grip Massage Gun

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When it comes to relieving muscle soreness, the Dual Grip Massage Gun ensures that it has you covered thanks to its dual grip design. Furthermore, the four included head attachments and four speed selections allow you to be in control of how and where you want to relieve your body.

-2-Handle Design. The massage gun's two-handle design means twice the grip strength. Whether you want to focus on a specific body part with maximum power or maneuver across to different parts, you can use either handle or both.

-Light & Portable. The next time you plan on heading out somewhere, you can bring the Dual Grip Massage Gun with you.

-4 Interchangeable Head Attachments. With four different head attachments at your disposal, you can choose the best one for certain body parts.

-4 Different Massaging Speeds. Select your preferred speed or switch between speeds as you see fit when massaging your body.