Heat Therapy Massager

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Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness with the Heat Therapy Massager. Aside from having four different massaging heads designed for different body parts, the massager includes an additional head that heats up to better promote circulation and accelerate recovery for optimum muscle health.

-6 Different Massaging Speeds. Choose your most preferred speed option for optimal vibrating and massaging action.

-Heating Massage Attachment. A dedicated attachment that heats up with use and produces a pleasant, warm action when massaging your body.

-4 Interchangeable Head Attachments. Additionally, the massager comes with four other head attachments that can be used to gently massage other body parts.

-USB Rechargeable Battery. Aside from having the option to be used at home, the massager can also be used away from home thanks to its rechargeable battery.