Safety First

Regulatory Compliance

Sanitizing has become a part of everyday living. The most hazardous germs* are found on the objects and surfaces we touch most. Countless studies have shown that our smartphones, keys, desks, doorknobs, and other common places are where germs* thrive.


Produced at a wavelength that kill 99.9% of bacteria and other germs*, UV-C light is the current standard for large and small-scale sanitizing. When utilized by FirstHealth sanitizers, UV-C allows consumers to safely sanitize objects including their smartphones and other household items and surfaces of all sizes.


FirstHealth also makes use of Ozone gas in both phone-sanitizing and room-sanitizing products. The harmless gas dissipates in less than 30 minutes after use.


FirstHealth also manufactures a home-sanitizing kit that allows consumers to convert tap water and table salt into a sanitizing liquid. As effective as bleach and chlorine but clothing-safe, this liquid kills dangerous germs* anywhere in the home, making liquid sanitizing as accessible as water.